An on-site engineering paradise for residents of Campus Village at Kettering University.

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31MAY2017 - Welcome new lab superintendant Mabruk Mohamed!
31MAY2017 - A few new tools have arrived, enjoy!

We are a community of makers, hackers, and hobbyists at Campus Village Apartments in Flint, MI. We attend Kettering University, and our mission is to share ideas and build relationships as we work through our various degree programs.

We have a top-notch lab located right at the property with 24-hour secured access for members. Our members work on projects of all kinds including robotics, microcontrollers, PC mods, and more. Members bring their own materials and supplies, and share them with other members.

We don't charge dues like a normal makerspace. Membership is free for residents of Campus Village at Kettering University. Every semester or so the property gives us a few bucks to buy consumables like saw blades, and maybe one new tool or piece of equipment.

We need the folowing donations:

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I have to do to join?
The first thing you need to do is fill out a membership application, which you can get from the property manager. Then you need to donate something to the lab. It can be anything: tools, supplies, materials, whatever. Once your membership is approved, you will be issued an RFID badge allow you to enter the space.

But I'm poor. I can't donate anything!
Sure you can. Ten bucks will buy you at least eight packs of screws and washers or whatever at Home Depot. Don't want to spend any money at all? Go to Home Depot anyway and grab some free scraps of wood from the lumber department. Dig through your drawers and fill a jar with nuts and bolts, components or whatever. On trash day look for some broken electronics, like printers, that others can tear down to salvage parts. On your next visit home, ask your dad for some of his old tools. FIGURE IT OUT!

Who maintains the lab?
At least one student worker is designated as a lab superintendent. They basically rule the place. This person is responsible for conducting inventories of the tools and equipment, and overseeing general operation. They are not a housekeeper. Each member is expected to help keep the place clean and organized.

Oh no, we are out of solder and wire nuts. Can you buy us some?
No, and the component fairy stopped leaving free supplies months ago; someone must have pissed her off. Go buy your own parts and remember to share them everyone.

What if I make something really really cool? Who owns it?
Your work is your work. It belongs to you, no questions. If you build the next big thing, that's awesome! Just be sure to share the wealth.

What are the rules?
The rules are posted very clearly in the lab. It's pretty standard for a workshop like this. Wear safety glasses, keep the noise down at night, keep the place clean, etc.

What happens if I cut my finger off?
Go to the hospital, and be more careful. We are not liable for any injury.

Can my membership be revoked?
Absolutely. If you are caught breaking any of the rules, steal anything from the lab, allow unauthorized people to enter, or don't pay your rent, you're out. Also, a majority vote can expel any member, so don't upset too many people.

Our Location:

500 N. Chevrolet Ave. | Flint, MI 48504